Friday, November 12, 2010

Managed DNS services showdown

A time comes when it makes more business sense to outsource DNS. While one can use a domain registrars to manage and host dns they do not always offer best performance or even offer SLA’s. We will compare a couple of companies that specialize at DNS hosting only.
- comprehensive services offerings
- no downtimes since inception (2001)
- worldwide DNS cluster
- multiplatform dynamic update clients with excellent documentation
- 29.95 per zone per year
- web interface
- SLA offerings options
- Bind based architecture
- unknown reliability
- worldwide DNS cluster
- multiplatform dynamic update clients
- priced at $19.99 per zone per year
- web interface
- no SLA offering
- Bind based architecture
- unknown reliability
- mostly US based DNS cluster (1 location in UK)
- priced at $10 per zone per year
- 100$ SLA offering
- no linux update client, however dynamic ip updates can be done with curl call to their website
- web interface
- windows only API’s
- Pioneer of hosted DNS
- Bad recent reliability
- Bind based architecture
- mostly US based DNS cluster (1 location in Germany)
- multiplatform dynamic update clients
- wide range of dynamic update clients (java, python, perl, direct calls to their website with wget), clients hosted on sourceforge with limited documentation
- host 5 domains for free, limited to 200meg query limit per domain(approx 1 million queries), additional options cost “zone credits @ $10.95 each” for services like additional domains, load balancing, monitoring, additional queries.
- Very comprehensive list of offerings
- 15 worldwide nodes on 5 continents
- Protection against DNS based DDOS
- cross platform XML based API
- web portal
- 100% uptime SLA
- directory based architecture, using Oracle database replication technology. Not based on BIND
- $15 per month for 1 domain with 5 records and 5000 queries, overage costs are $1 per 1000 queries and 0.50 cents for per additional record.


Anonymous said...

Not sure where you got the easyDNS info, there are SLA options. As far as outages we list them right on our website: 2 since 1998, lasting about one hour each.

- mark (easyDNS guy)

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