Sunday, March 23, 2008

Google Apps GMail - SPF setup Godaddy and eNOM

Google Apps email is one of the best thing to happen for the web, I myself use it and am quite happy but just as nothing is perfect there are technical glitches with google apps which are important for companies but not so urgent for google to implement, Like SPF, Sender ID, Domain Keys and DKIM.

Lets now setup SPF for your Google Apps hosted Email, According to Google Help, you are supposed to add this line into your text record "v=spf1 ~all" but when you login to your registrar like GoDaddy it is so much confusing that you are not even able to go ahead and do something about it, I mean to say it just does not work.

So the best solution is to Follow these setups to setup SPF for your domain:

1. Login, and go to the “Total DNS Control Panel”
2. Under the TXT section, click “Add SPF Record”
3. Select “An ISP or other mail provider” and click OK
4. Select the “Outsourced” tab, and enter as the outsourced domain
5. Click OK
6. GoDaddy will display a confirmation with the correct SPF record listed.
7. Click OK

GoDaddy will now check if your SPF entry is correct or not, once everything is tested it will show the new entry and it should like this "v=spf1 ~all"

Once it is done select Ok and wait for a few hours for your DNS entry to get propagated, now test your SPF record by sending an email to the email address generated by

If everything worked well your report will show a tick mark for SPF

Setup of Sender ID, Domain Keys and DKIM will soon follow


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