Saturday, October 4, 2008

Diapose your old IT equipments properly

Check out ebay and there are lots of old Firewalls and other hardware
waiting to be sold. We have seen in the past when old second hand hard
drives were bought on ebay and then data recovery was performed which
did land up giving up a lot of juicy information and many a times
government details were found which was very critical and did raise
data privacy concerns but this same ebay experiment was performed on
other hardware device which was a Cisco VPN box and guess what ? The
device was configured to connect back directly to the previous owners
VPN device without any authentication. the previous owner was none
other than Kirklees council. The new owner had complete access to the
Kirklees Council network which is a big threat concerning the data they
would have stored on file servers.

So friends please make it a
habit to shred the data, wipe disks according to DoD standards and
reset other devices to default configuration so that such blunders
don't happen with your company.

Read the story here


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