Monday, October 20, 2008

Seminar on privacy and data protection in Cyber Space

I attended the Seminar on Privacy Rights and Data protection in Cyber
Space yesterday at KLE Law College in Bangalore, The seminar was
organized by KILPAR and DSFI in association with KLE Society, Law
College, Bangalore.

The Seminar was about the new bill that is
going to be debated in the Indian Parliament about Privacy Rights and
Protection of Data. There were some really cool presentations on the
topic both technical as well as Law side. I gave a small presentation
about Privacy Incidents happening around in the real life and How
important it is to have a law that governs the rights of Indians. My
Presentation will be up at their website soon.

This was a
wonderful experience as even top lawyers were present to debate and
discuss their issues and points of conflicts in the current bill which
needs to be addressed. The great thing about this seminar was the
points of concerns being discussed will be forwarded to the government
which will help them to make appropriate amendments.

Oh yes, 17th October 2008 is also the Digital Society Day :)


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