Monday, April 6, 2009

Factors Leading to Insider Threats

I was talking to one of my collegue and the topic of Insider Threats came up and I talked about some of the mediums that assist in Insider Threats and cause security incidents to the company.

So here we go with the list: -

1) Illegal use of USB Storage Media
2) File Sharing, P2P, Rapidshare, etc
3) Downloading of Unauthorised software
4) Installing Remote Access Tools / Screen Sharing Applications. Letmein etc
5) Wifi Points, Adhoc Wifi connections
6) Downloading of Video, Music etc
7) Personal Devices at Work
8) Unauthorised Blogging, Forum / Message Boards, Social Networking Sites
9) Instant Messengers this includes Gmail Chat.
10) Personal Emails
11) Misuse of Business email for forwarding Chain emails, etc
12) Too much non-work related browsing


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