Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft announced today at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in San Francisco, California that its 30 million Windows Live Spaces bloggers will be moved to over the next six months as part of a partnership with San Francisco, California-based Automattic — creator of the WordPress and blogging platforms.
Microsoft Director of Product Management for Windows Live Dharmesh Mehta indicated that instead of building or revamping its own blogging platform, the company has decided to embrace WordPress, which already offers several tools and features to its 26 million existing users.
Both Microsoft and Automattic have created a new migration tool that will make it easy for existing Windows Live Spaces users to transfer their content such as posts, comments, photos, and more to In addition, new Windows Live Spaces registrants will be redirected to Users also have the option to delete their existing Windows Live Spaces blog.
The two companies are making everything possible to make the transition as easy as possible.
To learn more about process, visit The Windows Blog or the official WordPress Weblog. Be sure to let us know how this will affect or inconvenience you.

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