Friday, October 1, 2010

T-Mobile G2 by HTC

The wait is over.
With a powerhouse processor built for T-Mobile's fastest network, everything from launching apps to downloading video hits top speed.

Just say the word.
With Google Voice Actions, you can send a text, an email or a note to self, listen to music, make a call, go to a website, get to an address or scour the internet with a few magic words.

Unlock the keys.

Text abbreviations are so not "U." With the bombproof slide-out QWERTY keyboard, you can write it precisely how you mean it.

Graphic detail.
The HD camcorder captures more than video. It captures the experience. And now you can share it, in lifelike color and resolution.

All-new Android OS.
With Android 2.2, you've got more speed, security, sync options, streaming media, and auto-updating apps than ever before.

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