Friday, June 10, 2011

Let your boss know you are always online :)

Many a times when we are doing forensics for a live system and need to shift the position of the machine to the lab from server room we need to make sure the machine does not get locked up by screen saver or does not get locked which can prevent a investigator to conduct forensics on the system. you can use Mouse Jiggler to ensure the machine does not get locked. This nifty little tool will keep moving the mouse which ensures your screensaver does not become active or your machine does not get locked.

There are some other uses too for this tool for eq. You are going away from the laptop and don't want your boss to know that you are not there. You can use Mouse Jigger to keep your Communicator status as Active/ Online :)

You can download it from 

There is one more utility named caffeine but it is a little more complex that this but does much more than mouse jiggler.

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