Thursday, July 28, 2011

Reasons You Haven't Installed Linux Yet

11. You're afraid of Gnomes. 10. You can't pronounce Ubuntu, and too embarrassed to ask.
  9. No disk space left after installing Vista Ultimate. '
  8. Your Dad uses a GNU/Linux distro and you're rebelling against authority.
  7. You have intimacy issues and are unable to even mount a hard drive.
  6. You don't trust anything that's free, including speech.
  5. Steve Ballmer threatened to kill you if you do.
  4. You don't care who can access your personal information.
  3. Still waiting for Hurd kernel.
  2. Kids at school already harrass you enough for using Opera, don't want to give them any more 
  1. You'd rather use something secure like OpenBSD.


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