Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Splashtop OS–From Power Off to Instant Internet in few secs

For many years DeviceVM , the company behind those Instant OS which many OEMs now provides to get you online almost Instantly without having to wait for Lengthy Boot processes like Windows OS does.
But now its not limited to OEMs anymore , DeviceVM (Now Splashtop Inc) has introduced its version of Instant OS (Like Chrome OS ) for Normal Users , although in beta Stage , you can still try it out , its safe (almost) , It runs beside Windows Installation just like Ubuntu Does when run via WUBI.
Although in beta stages still , this is about to come in following months as Final and Stable release.
So What’s Splashtop OS About ? It’s a Simple and Light OS which will get booted quickly and get you connected to Internet real quick , its very light considering the fact that the only major app running on it is a Browser (yeah Just like Chrome OS Does) , and guess what ? The Browser is Based off Chromium , so you won’t be feeling totally lost.
Oh But Unlike Chrome , The Browser here uses Bing as default search engine. But soon there will be possibility to change Browser I hope.
You also won’t need to configure and personalize everything in it from scratch , it can import your favorites ,bookmarks , settings , language preference etc from Windows , go on try it out :)

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