Wednesday, June 8, 2011

XBoot-a utility for creating Multiboot ISO/USB

We often boot from various ISO files each one of which located in a different removable media.XBoot is a freeware utility which brings a number of bootable ISO files to a single place.Thus allowing you to create your own multiboot USB,ISO(which can be burned to a single DVD).For example you can create a single ISO file for Windows 7 and Ubuntu and then create a multiboot ISO into a DVD or a USB Drive.This way you no more need two different installation media to install either of these Operating Systems.
XBoot is currently under beta stage and has support for some ISO files.Support for more ISO will be added on subsequent releases on the request of users.This software requires .NET Framework 4.In case you are not having it on your system head on to .NET Framework Installer
The application has a simple interface and automatically categories the ISO files.Just drag and drop the ISO files to the box and then hit create ISO or USB.

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